5 June 2023
Over $5 million to accelerate cancer research and innovation in Quebec
2 November 2022
Announcement of the grant recipients of the SynergiQc Competition – Pediatric Oncology
13 June 2022
Announcement of the winners of the Priorité patient 2022 Competition – Investing in the transformation of cancer care and services in Quebec
1 July 2021
Oncopole becomes the pôle cancer du FRQS
11 May 2021
Renaldo Battista, named to Ordre National du Québec
25 March 2021
The crisis opens up new horizons in the fight against cancer
4 February 2021
Oncopole highlights World Cancer Day
5 November 2020
$1.5 million to support cancer research by leveraging data!
7 October 2020
Announcement of the winners of the Priorité patient Competition – Research to serve the needs of cancer patients
7 August 2020
Interview with Investigator Sylvie Lambert: demystifying the symptoms of cancer patients
7 July 2020
Announcement of the winners of the Innove-Onco Competition $1.7M to optimize the integration of innovations in oncology
2 June 2020
Oncopole brings together research, innovation and clinical practices in oncology by organizing two competitions Innove-Onco and Priorité patient
14 May 2020
Oncopole congratulates Dr. Claude Perreault’s team on winning the 2019 Discovery of the Year Award from Québec Science
19 March 2020
COVID-19: Oncopole stresses the importance of research and science
21 February 2020
Congratulations to the recipients of the 3rd edition of Scholarship Competition – Entrepreneurship in Oncology (CEO)
12 December 2019
$2.6M to fight cancer using innovative technologies and artificial intelligence
12 November 2019
Launch of a patients competition in collaboration with the Patient-Partners Committee
30 September 2019
A partnership between Génome Québec, IVADO and Oncopole to launch the Osmics Data Against Cancer Competition
27 September 2019
$2.4 million dollars to support four flagship cancer drug discovery projects
26 September 2019
A new funding opportunity to optimize the integration of innovation in oncology: the Innove-Onco Competition
4 June 2019
Announcement of Oncopole and IRICoR LeadAction-Onco Competition winners
23 May 2019
CQDM, Diazon and Oncopole in collaboration with Mitacs announce the two laureates of the 2019 Gordon Shore Prize
17 May 2019
2019 BIO International Convention
5 February 2019
Oncopole and IRICoR launch the 2nd edition of the Scholarship Competition – Entrepreneurship in Oncology (CEO) 2019
20 November 2018
Oncopole, CQDM, Diazon and Mitacs announce the creation of a prize for excellence in memory of Professor Gordon Shore
15 November 2018
Nomination of Oncopole for the Prix Innovation en Sciences de la vie – Gala ADRIQ 2018
14 November 2018
Oncopole Symposium 2018 – Mobilize. Innovate. Cure.
9 November 2018
$1M to support clinical research in oncology in Quebec
12 October 2018
Transition in leadership at Oncopole
28 June 2018
Launch of the Montreal Cancer Consortium
5 June 2018
$12M to support oncology research projects in Quebec
20 March 2018
Oncopole congratulates the recipients of the CEO scholarship competition
8 March 2018
Agreement Between the CLARA Cancer Cluster and the Quebec Oncopole to Accelerate the Fight Against Cancer
6 February 2018
Uniting the Best Scientists in Quebec to Find Solutions to Cancer
20 February 2017
The Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal will host Oncopole
15 February 2017
Merck Canada partners with the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) to create Oncopole and accelerate the fight against cancer