Mission, History and Context
The Oncopole is a research, development and investment center to accelerate the fight against cancer


Our goal is to invest more and better, in a coordinated and strategic manner, to harness the full potential of Québec’s cancer research and innovation ecosystem and ensure its growth and reach.

We want to mobilize the best research centers around a common vision, focused on projects prioritized according to the needs of patients.

Development efforts, strengthen training and knowledge sharing, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship to accelerate the emergence and integration of innovative practices.


We want to create a collaborative and structuring pole in oncology, internationally recognized for its coherence, efficiency and forward-thinking and allow the gestation and the emergence of companies that will capitalize on innovation.

To generate spin-offs focused on prioritized projects based on the needs of direct positive patients for patients, with the goal of making health care in oncology in Quebec among the best in the world in term.

A co-creative and continuous process

The Oncopole is a unique co-creation partnership whose ideation and implementation process is inclusive, connected to the scientific community: experts have been gathered to determine priorities.

The fundamental elements of the strategy are the researchers, scientists and doctors who have been working for months to establish the priorities that will be those of the Oncopole.

Recognizing the variety of resources and infrastructures currently available and the strategic positioning of several researchers here, the project will consolidate the forces involved for the benefit of the patient.