Scientific activites
Scientific activites

Oncopole’s mission is to act as a catalyst and maximize the full potential of Quebec’s cancer research and innovation ecosystem, while at the same time positioning the province as a key player in the field. Its action priorities, namely research, entrepreneurship, commercializing and integrating innovation as well as clinical relevance, are orchestrated for the purpose of fostering the mobilization of the ecosystem, the discovery of innovative approaches to fight cancer and, ultimately, positive benefits for patients.

Oncopole hopes to support and encourage the scope and the mobilization of that ecosystem by contributing financially to organizing events related to its mission.

These events must foster exchanges between investigators, clinicians, health professionals or the general public involving oncology-themed activities.


  1. More exchange of information, networking, development and sharing of best practices
  2. Gather expertise on promising scientific themes in an interdisciplinarity context
  3. Foster synergy between the various institutions and partners involved in oncology research
  4. Allow federative projects and new collaborations to emerge
  5. Increase Quebec’s influence and positioning at both the national and international levels
  6. Encourage interaction between investigators, clinicians and patient associations, patients and the general public


Eligibility criteria

  • Event specific to oncology in Quebec
  • Well defined goal in keeping with Oncopole’s mission
  • Brings together investigators or professionals from several centres or with different expertise
  • Number of participants and scope
  • Visibility provided


Allowable expenses: rental fees for facilities, justified travel expenses, catering, promotional material, audiovisual, fees for guest speakers, etc.

Maximum of $5,000 per event.

Oncopole is favorable to having several sponsors or partners.

The organizer must submit a visibility plan adapted to Oncopole. When relevant, the applicant must allow an Oncopole representative to take part in the event. Oncopole may advertise the event on its website.


To submit an application, the organizer must email the completed form to, at least 1 month prior to the event being held.

The application’s eligibility and relevance for Oncopole will be assessed by a selection committee.

Oncopole agrees to quickly advise applicants of its decision, which will be final.

Maximum of 5 000$ per event
Registration deadline